There is a girl in my college I like

Every morning I wake up early, I simply don’t know why
Perhaps to see the sun rising or the moon flyby
I keep on thinking or rather be wondering
If it’s just me or my heart that is thundering
I get my gear and always try; to make sure I look just fine
Because its I care, because...
There is a girl in my college I like

I run to the class, I know I am late
As I have been busy watching her, get through the gates
I love it when she looks back, I think she notices
Or perhaps a crazy guy, like my friends say she thinks it is
I keep losing the class all again, the teacher gives a huge cry
It happens to me all the time...
Cuz, there is a girl in my college I like

I don’t enjoy the weekends; it’s not what I want
Don’t get to see her, chances I miss to flaunt
Thinking how it’ll be, if we were together
Holding, walking besides her in a rainy weather
When we would giggle or just pull a silly fight
I am simply day dreaming...
Cuz, there is a girl in my college I like

Is she the one, the one who be mine?
In my story of life, be the bottom line
I am little scared but more excited
About my feelings, if she be delighted
I’ll soon tell her, it’s just you day and night
That You are the girl in my college I like

2 Jan,08


You are..

You are..
The warmth of hug I daily miss,
The thought that turns my moments bliss,
The tear I shed before I am off to sleep,
The secret that lives inside me down deep,
The only sun among the many these,
The precious treasure with missing keys,
You are..

You are..

The forever season that would stay,
The reliable 'one'  whatever if it be may,
The silence that keeps my world alive,
The someone for me,I know would strive,
The random thought that keeps getting lost,
The ray that shines,melts the frost,
You are...

You are..

The cozy dream through the night,
The cuddling after a lover's fight,
The pamper to a new born child,
The dope that strikes,sweet and mild,
The precious seconds that make a moment,
The rainbow after the rain,the lovely flamboyant,
You are..

You are..

The meaning to these lines I write..
You are....always be!!

Essential But!

Morning yawn; wake-up mourn; evening to dawn, when the nights are gone..
Rays warm; silent storm; uncertain norm, till serenity form..
Dwindling emotion; close commotion; unreal notion, like blues of ocean..
Loveable liar; unborn desire; naked attire, it's a fire..
Drenched rain; always complain; memory lane, oh! dear pain..
Short nap; hands clap; instincts trap, fill the gap..
Cozy winter; random linger; phone ringer, bathroom singer..
Wayward wind; memoirs pinned; evil grinned, beloved sinned..
essential but..

love is...

When you see them with your eyes closed 
When you hear them,but they are quiet 
When you stay up late coz they can't sleep 
When you are holding close,though living far 
Love is...

When you think of them,whenever it rains 

When you keep writing their names all over 
When you wish them goodnight,still talk till dawn 
When you cry, as they are upset 
Love is...

When thinking of them,brings you butterflies 

When you write poems,though they don't rhyme 
When you quit habits as they don't like 
When day is good and nights get better 
Love is...

When you miss them,everytime.. 

When not even chocolates can beat 
When you dream more than you sleep 
When you think its LOVE...It is...!


None they lie,unless told truth
None they naked,unless them worn
None they love,unless few hate
None they alive,unless seen dead

None they...

None they fix,unless its broken
None they hear,unless spoken
None they fear,unless some taken
None they move,unless shaken

None they...

None they feel,unless held close
None they won,unless them done
None they believe,unless sworn
None they cry,unless chosen

None they...ever None!

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